Energy Management and
Payments Simplified

InerG JoulZetta™ Suite

ZettaJoule (ZJ) sextillion (1021) joules

JoulZetta™ suite, built on AimAtIQ intelligent platform is a collection of initial applications delivered to empower Decentralized energy generators, Community utilities, Energy storage

JoulZetta™ Energy Engagements

JoulZetta™ Energy Manager helps you effectively monitor consumption and achieve energy efficiency, improve demand response results, and reduce your energy cost. It will give you information related to energy usage, cost, load variations and energy efficiency across assets spread across multiple locations and along various time periods. It also can predict your usage and cost and also help you engage with your service provider by analyzing the bills, messages and announcements in the customer engagement portal.

JoulZetta™ Bills and Payments

JoulZetta™ Bills and Payments helps you with near real-time billing and payment management. Its customer care portal can build customer loyalty with proactive engagement and billing and digital payment interface. Digital wallet integration for digital payments and pre-payments is planned for 2018 with partner integration.

JoulZetta™ Demand Manager

JoulZetta™ Demand Manager helps customers save energy costs with peak demand management using behind-the- meter storage devices and generation resources. It helps service providers to aggregate and predict demand for improving profitability and reducing risk. It can also feed predictive data to existing demand and risk management tools already deployed in companies.

JoulZetta™ Smart Assets

JoulZetta™ Smart Assets helps you model and connect electrical assets spread across multiple organizations, divisions or locations and then monitor proactively and improve their energy and operational efficiency with optimal energy usage and uptime. Facility managers or contractors could use simple and formula based Smart Alerts for proactive exception based Asset monitoring.